Food at Englewood

🥜🌰 As there are students at Englewood with anaphylactic nut allergies, Englewood is a “Peanut and Tree Nut Product Safe School”. This means any product involving peanuts or tree nuts is not allowed on school property. This includes any products that state, “May contain nuts,” or “Made in a facility with nuts”, including peanut oil. This helps keep all of our students safe. Thank you for understanding!

[Source: “Information Handbook on Anaphylaxis”, from the Department of Education & Lifelong Learning]


Englewood is participating in two programs to assist with students' lunches for the 2021-2022 school year.

Hot Lunches 

Bon Appetit (aka PEI School Food) is a provincially operated program offering a 'food only' service five days per week. This is a non profit organization and the first “pay-what-you-can” model of its kind in Canada. Ordering for this program is done on a biweekly basis and reminder emails are sent out once you are registered for the website.

(May 18th Edit: PEI School Food is in the process of changing their web domain so the website won’t be used for the remainder of the year. If you ordered in the period of May 16-27th your orders will be repeated for the remaining 2 two-week periods that remain in the year. You can pay by sending an etransfer to Any questions can be directed to or by calling (902) 380-3663.)

Milk Program

HotLunches is a site jointly managed by the School and Home & School Association providing the opportunity to order milk and chocolate milk that will be delivered to the school and handed out per lunch period. Ordering for this program is also done on a biweekly basis. Reminders will be sent out on our Home & School Facebook page.

*Please note: despite this website being called “Hot Lunches”, it is currently ONLY being used for milk ordering. It existed before the provincial hot lunch program (mentioned above), and was previously used for ordering hot lunch at Englewood. We know that’s confusing, and we apologize. If you have any questions please let us know!*

Bulldog Canteen

The Bulldog Canteen offers a variety of snacks for sale on Fridays and “Fake Fridays” (aka Thursdays when Friday is a holiday or a PD Day). Prices range from 50 cents to $2, and snacks vary and can include fruit roll ups, ice cream sandwiches, chips, ice cream cups, freezies, etc. Students can access the items when the canteen staff (junior high students) come around at lunch with the canteen cart. We appreciate it when you can send in loonies and toonies where possible! Canteen proceeds go towards the Englewood Breakfast Program. 

Englewood Breakfast Program

The Englewood Breakfast program operates five days a week and is currently run by Vice Principal Ms. Richards and her team of students and adult volunteers. Each morning the team delivers a tray to each classroom. Breakfast food varies and may include toast, yogurt tubes, bananas, and oranges. This program is offered free of charge to every student.