Accessibility at Englewood

Accessibility at Englewood

This section describes the physical accessibility of the Englewood school building. For more information on individual student supports, please see links listed at the bottom of the page.

Exterior Building Access

Englewood School was built in 1962. The original school building is the two level structure on the left side of the school. There are two entrances to this section. The first is through the main double doors at the front of the school (which have concrete stairs leading up to the doors and a ramp to the right of the stairs).The second is located at the rear of the building on the left hand side (level ground, no stairs). The additional structure on the right side of the school has a double door entrance on level ground. None of the doors at Englewood are equipped with automatic door openers.

Interior Building Access

The main doors on the left side of the school open onto a split level landing, with a staircase leading down to the K-Grade 3 classrooms and the library (10 steps down) and a staircase leading up to the Grades 4-9 classrooms and the teachers' lounge (9 steps up). There is a Garaventa wheelchair lift installed to access the upper and lower levels from this entrance. The lift has a weight limit of 550 lbs and requires an operator. 

The addition on the right side of the school houses the administrative offices, the gymnasium, the kitchen, and the music room. The exterior doors open onto a main level where the main offices are accessible. To the left, there is a set of stairs (9 stairs down) that lead down to the K-3 classrooms, which are accompanied by a hand rail on the left hand side of the stairs. There is a set of stairs leading up (10 stairs up) to the 4-9 classrooms which are accompanied by a handrail on either side of the stairs. There are two sets of stairs that lead down to the gym, washrooms, kitchen, music room and library (both with 10 stairs and a hand rail on the wall side of each set). There are no lifts or ramp access from this level to the classrooms or the gymnasium.

To travel from the lower classroom wing to the kitchen, music room or gymnasium without using the stairs you can travel through the library and up a ramp out the library door. There are no stairs or lips to navigate through this pathway.


There is a set of washrooms in the classroom wing both downstairs (for K-Grade 3) and upstairs (Grades 4-9). Neither of these washrooms has a wheelchair accessible stall. There is a third set of washrooms by the gymnasium that has a wheelchair accessible stall in both the boys' and girls' washrooms.  

Classroom Adaptations

Individual classroom adaptations can be discussed with your child's teacher.


There are morning announcements that are broadcast through the classrooms (via speakers on the classroom walls) first thing every morning. Periodic announcements are made throughout the day as needed, some to individual classrooms and some school-wide. Bells ring regularly throughout the day to announce recess breaks and lunch breaks.

Bus Accessibility

None of our buses are wheelchair accessible at this time.



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